The Cancer Institute of New Jersey's Cancer Informatics Core

About the CIC

CIC Mission - Realizing Translational Medicine: From the Bench to the Bedside (and Back)

Cancer Informatics serves as a key enabler to advance research endeavors of a Comprehensive Cancer Center such as the CINJ. The centralized Cancer Informatics Core (CIC) is the most efficient means for CINJ to provide a secure support infrastructure in order to facilitate and integrate data from the bench and population based studies with quality controlled, de-identified and HIPAA compliant clinical and outcome data to advance translational research.

CIC Leadership

The CIC Executive Director, Dr. Guna Rajagopal, coordinates and oversees all of the Informatics/IT operations at CINJ. His efforts are focused on developing and deploying the necessary cyber-infrastructure and Informatics capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the CINJ user community.

CIC Objectives

The CIC Team, through its customer-focused ethos, is able to provide a comprehensive set of integrated services ranging from informatics to cyber-infrastructure development, enables seamless integration of information from disparate sources to address the research needs of all CCSG supported programs at CINJ. The CIC is actively involved in supporting CINJ's outreach, patient education and survivorship programs by providing IT, data integration and web-services support. This includes:

Bioinformatics Support

The CIC has deployed computational platforms and application software (open source and commercial) to address the bioinformatics/systems/computational biology needs of various research programs at CINJ. It is headed by Dr. John Kerrigan, Associate Director for Bioinformatics. Dr. Kerrigan is an expert in large scale molecular modeling who plays a key role in supporting the Cancer Pharmacology Program in their search for new drug targets, mechanisms of action and more.

  • John Kerrigan (Bioinformatics, Molecular Modeling)
  • Ting Chen (Imaging Informatics)
  • Gregory Miles (Functional Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing)
  • Ryan Golhar (caBIG Systems Architect, Next Generation Sequencing)
  • James Tay (High Performance Computing)
  • Guna Rajagopal (Systems Biology and Genetic Epidemiology)
  • Alexei Vazquez (Faculty member focused on Pharmacogenomics, Systems Biology)
  • Vlad Belyi (Faculty member focused on Next Generation Sequencing, Evolutionary Biology)
  • Chang Chan (Faculty member focused on Genetic Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics)
  • Gyan Bhanot (Faculty member focused on Computational Geonomics, Systems Biology)

Clinical Informatics Support

The CIC facilitates quality controlled collection, management, analysis and sharing of health IT data via a variety of clinical information systems i.e. Electronic Medical Records (Aria, Sunrise Clinical Manager, GE-Centricity etc. interoperable across a efficient and secure network), Clinical Trials Management Systems (Oncore, Casis etc.), Tissue Banking and the New Jersey Cancer Registry resources etc. in support of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved research at CINJ. This team, headed by the Associate Director for Clinical Informatics (to be appointed), also provides web services and database management support to basic and clinical researchers at CINJ.

  • Neema Patel (Senior Database Architect focused on EMR deployment and Web Services)
  • Tommy Loo (Project Manager focused on EMR deployment and overseeing CIC projects)
  • Doreen Loh (Senior Database Architect focused on Clinical/Translational database development)
  • Joe Macirowski (Content Specialist focused on Web Services, Web Programming and Apple Software Development)
  • Kevin Meehan (Senior Analyst focused on EMR deployed and Web Services)
  • Adam Lisi (Senior Analyst focused on Pharmacology Informatics and Clinical Data Systems)
  • Amanda Zuczek (Content Specialist focused on Public Health Informatics and Web Services)
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